Vishnupati 2015

written by Anjula May 11, 2015

Vishnupati, a day honoring Lord Vishnu is this Friday, May 15, 2015. Vishnupati is an opportunity to make progress in both, the material and spiritual worlds. 

Vishnupati is a divine time when energies that support both, financial and material prosperity are said to be at their strongest. Lord Vishnu is the preserver and sustainer of life. He stands for: truth, righteousness, principles of order and steadfastness. The Archetype of material gains, along with his consort Lakshmi, he is the supporter and sustainer of the material and spiritual worlds.

Vishnupati: Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi

Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi

Vishnupati translates to mean, the Day of Vishnu Consciousness. Vishnupati is special because, it represents the time when Lord Vishnu performed miraculous deeds for the benefit of the universe and those who inhabited it.  It is said that the boundless compassion of Vishnu flows freer than usual at this time. Siddhas work harder than usual on Vishnupati in elevating souls; thus making spiritual progress a lot easier than usual.

Irrespective of religions, castes and creeds, Vishnupati is said to diffuse one’s ego and help in attracting the right people; so your dreams and desires can become a physical reality. Vishnupati is one of the best times for charity, feeding, rituals and poojas.

Mantras dedicated to Vishnu

Chanting of mantras can provide you the necessary means to access the good and powerful energies of the day:

  • Om Vishnave Swahais for an all-encompassing mantra for wealth and health.
  • Om Narayanaya Swahais the most powerful of all mantras of Vishnu.
  • Om Govindaya Swaha and Om Gopalaya Swaha are for bringing prosperity and enlightenment.
  • Om Trivikramaya Swaha brings benefits of the three worlds – earth, space and hell.
  • Om Sudharshanaya Swaha is for protection against the evil and destroys bad karma.
  • Om Ramaya Swaha is for bringing peace and removing negativity.
  • Om Krishnaya Swaha is for bringing miracles.

A beautiful mix in honor of Lord Vishnu. 

Vishnupati 2015
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Vishnupati 2015
Vishnupati is a day honoring Lord Vishnu. Siddhas work harder than usual on Vishnupati in elevating souls making spiritual progress a lot easier than usual.
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