Twirl N’ Take

written by Anjula February 28, 2008

Aiming to tackle global warming by changing the way products are designed, made, distributed and recycled, Sony has developed a hand-powered digital camera that never needs recharging.


To take a shot, you must turn a rubber wheel 15 seconds by running it along a tabletop or the palm of your hand.

To see your picture, you have to connect a flower-pot look-a-like cradle to a computer USB port.


Sony already came out with the prototype of sustainable products for children, which includes :


Crank N’ Capture: a video camera

Powered by turning the crank on the side for shooting and playback. Unlike a regular video camera, images are not smooth but intentionally choppy, as if animated by flipping pages. Here, the designers invite users to enjoy this charming effect.


Spin N’ Snap a digital camera

Powered by sticking one’s fingers through the two holes and spinning the camera end over end. Because there is no LCD screen, the holes also serve as a viewfinder.


Push Power Play a photo and video viewer

Powered by pushing the viewer on its bottom-mounted roller.


Pull N’ Play a stereo headphones

Powered by pulling the cord in the housing. The headphones have a built-in FM radio. Even the ear pads are made of recycled material, not to mention the body itself. Can be folded up to carry or store.


Juice Box: a solar battery

To collect sunlight, stick it to a window using the attached suction cups. After charging, fold it up as a portable battery for other “odo” prototypes. They’re made from environmentally friendly or recycled plastics and are designed to “inspire creativity.”

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