The Most Daring Piece of Public Art

written by Anjula June 21, 2007

daring piece

A derelict multi-storey building has become a major work of art in Liverpool city centre. A 26ft diameter egg-shape cut from the front of a former Yates’s Wine Lodge building opposite Moorfields Station has been made to rotate on an axis. The revolving facade of the building rests on a specially crafted giant rotator, usually used in the shipping and nuclear industries, it acts as a huge opening and closing window, offering recurring glimpses of the interior during its continuous cycle during the day.The piece, entitled “Turning the Place Over” has been created by sculptor Richard Wilson for Liverpool’s Capital of Culture Year. It is set to be in place until spring of next year when the building is set to be demolished. Wilson, who is known for his works on architectural canvases which draw heavily for their inspiration from the worlds of both engineering and construction said, “We don’t often associate these materials with movement but we’ve made a piece of architecture as an event or as a performance to attract people’s attention and prove that Liverpool will be the centre of culture in 2008.”



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