The Healing Power of Water

written by Anjula June 11, 2015

As we gear up for the hot days of summer, I’ve been thinking a lot about the healing power and beauty of water. Grateful for having access to safe drinking water, I’ve also come to realize just how much I’ve taken this life-sustaining elixir for granted. The Sanskrit word for water is jeevan. It’s no coincidence that jeevan also means “life.”

Water makes up roughly 70% of the total weight of our bodies. (The earth is composed of three parts waters to one part land; the ratio is about the same in the human body). Water is the major component of all living beings and it is the major constituent of human cells.

Water cleanses the system and provides nourishment. With the support of minerals, water aids in the building and repairing of tissue. Dehydration or loss of water from the body causes dry skin, lowered energy, muscle cramps, reduced alertness and also impacts our vital organs.

Ayurvedic Benefits of Cold and Warm Water

According to Ayurveda, there is a right way to drink water. It should be sipped throughout the day, as opposed to chugged when you’re thirsty, (and most likely dehydrated). If you drink too much or too fast, the water will just go right through you.

Healing Power of Water

Glass of water with lemon and mint

Another way to avoid water just being flushed out of the system is to add lemon and healing herbs like mint to it. Because our bodies are made mostly of plasma, it makes sense that water can deplete our minerals and nutrients, especially tap or distilled water. Adding some citrus fruit to your water will enable it to be absorbed more readily. 

Cold water is said to activate the endocrine glands. Cold water reduces intoxication of alcohol. It also relieves fatigue, giddiness, nausea and quenches thirst. It alleviates symptoms of increased pitta.

Before meditation, it is recommended that one take a bath in water that is room temperature or slightly below room temperature.

Warm water also has many benefits. It is known to kindle hunger, aid in good digestion, sooth the throat, cleanse the bladder, and alleviate increased vata and kapha. Warm water is also recommended during panchakarma therapy. It eases symptoms of cold, cough, fevers and breathlessness. It removes and flushes ama, the metabolic toxins of the body. It also aids in detoxifying the skin and the liver.

Apart from the many benefits mentioned above, water helps to regulate body temperature and boost the immunity of body. 

As you raise your next glass of water to your lips, try and drink it slowly, consciously – so that you may appreciate how this wondrous clear liquid increases the life force running through you.

Be sure and remember to drink a glass of water at least an hour after both, breakfast and dinner.


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The Healing Power of Water
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The Healing Power of Water
Did you know that there's a right way to drink water according to Ayurveda? Click here to learn this and more about the healing power of water.
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