The Green Spa Network Launches

written by Anjula May 9, 2007


One of Green Spa Network’s Founding Seed Spas: Auberge Resorts, Mill Valley, California,

There’s a new initiative currently under way as six leading North American spas look to form a network devoted to bringing environmentally sustainable operating practices to the growing spa industry. The Green Spa Network aims to help spas and spa professionals reap both the financial and social benefits of implementing environmentally friendly business practices. The intention of the organization is to synergise greening efforts among network members as a way to support spas in reducing their ecological impact, while improving energy efficiencies and reducing operational costs.

What a concept! With nearly 14,000 facilities generating $9.7 billion in annual revenues, spas are a leading leisure industry and naturally suited to be at the forefront of the green movement. According to Janice Gronvold, a longtime spa expert and founder of Spectrec, From day spas to destination resorts, the industry typically utilizes environmental resources for a myriad of water-based treatments, laundry services, pools, verdant landscaping, and golf courses, making it a major consumer of water, energy, and precious natural resources. Adopting green practices not only reduces environmental impact, but also supports spa marketing programs, raises environmental awareness among guests, and contributes to spa financial performance. Conservation is clearly a competitive edge, says Gronvold.

The Green Spa Network is registered as a not-for-profit trade organization and operates as a grassroots collective. GSN is fully committed to empowering the broader community of spa owners, operators, employees, contract practitioners, spa guests, and consultants, all of whom support the industry’s growth and are in a position to create a groundswell of interest in adopting Earth-friendly practices.


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