I love how positive Levitating Monkey is. It radiates great energy, the kind that can really transform your life. The articles are helpful, the interviews inspiring. Don’t miss out! – Monica Khanna

Monica Khanna
Monica Khanna – www.tipsontaste.com

Levitating Monkey delivers serenity, nourishment, and insight directly into the here and now, wherever you may happen to be reading it. Its blend of scintillating flavor and comforting warmth is like a steaming cup of your favorite tea on a chilly day. Put on your PJs and settle into your coziest chair…it’s bound to be a restorative read. – Claire Sterling

Claire Sterling – www.clairesterling.com

Just reconnecting with you has served as a powerful reminder to spend more quality time with the multiverse. Our connection with each other (both you and I and all of us, everywhere) is real, and it only takes a few words with you for me to feel it. I come from a western, pagan tradition (which non-universal elements I don’t take all that seriously, honestly), but nevertheless – truth is truth, and it’s so easy to get brought down in the story of this life, right now, sometimes. Speaking with you has reminded me powerfully of the essential transitivity of our circumstances, and the engine of connectedness that lies just out of sight. Thank you. I needed that! All my love, Kelly Bell

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Kelly Bell – www.gothamcitydrupal.com