Tagar (Valerina Wallichii)

written by Anjula April 18, 2007

Tagar is a hairy, tufted herb. Indian valerian is prescribed as a remedy for nervous unrest, sleeplessness, depression and other illnesses related to mind.

Who needs Tagar & how does it help?

Mental ill health is essentially a result of disequilibrium brought about by unwholesome interaction between individual and surrounding environment.

This interaction operates through an axis consisting of three fundamentnal factors namely kala (time rhythm), buddhi (intellect( and indryatha (sensorail inputs). The resulting edisequilibrium causes a wide-array of altered behavior being reflected on the mental state.

Valerian is a nervine, aiding sleep and helping fight depression. It helps people under emotional stress or pain. In a recent study done on chronic sleeplessness, valerian improved the quality of sleep in 89% of the participants. Of those participants, 44% described their night’s rest as perfect sleep.

Who should not take Tagar?

Caution should be taken during pregnancy. One should also avoid taking Valerian during activities which require alertness.

As with all medications, use only under the direction of a qualified practitioner.

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