On December 8th, the First WORDBRIDGE FAIR is being held in NYC.

Plant consciousness crosses roads with speculative fiction and a contemporary art show. It’s set to be an all day program with authors, artists and plenty of fun. Relaxed ambiance and music for art viewing, book signings, along with scheduled readings which are sure to be a delight!

All day from 3 to 9 pm,
Saturday, Dec 8th 2007.

Salomon Arts Gallery, 83 Leonard Street, 4th floor. 212.966.1997

Ramadan Mubarak!” (Have a blessed and happy Ramadan!)

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. It is during this month that Muslims observe the Fast of Ramadan. Lasting for the entire month, Muslims fast during the daylight hours and in the evening eat small meals and visit with friends and family. It is a time of worship and contemplation. A time to strengthen family and community ties.

According to the Islamic Society of North America the first day of fasting for Ramadan 2007 is expected to be today, September 13th. (depending on where you live). Source: www.moonsighting.com

To allow for complete devotion to their faith, Muslims abide by stringent rules from dawn until sunset for the entire month. Eating, drinking, smoking, and sex are strictly forbidden during daylight. In addition, Muslims must show greater sympathy for the needy and poor. Fasting plays a key role in accomplishing these goals by allowing for