Shrinkage Poster Contest

written by Anjula September 6, 2007


The Shrinkage Worldwide Award is open to anyone. It is intended to promote designers who are thinking about a sustainable future. The Shahneshin Foundation encourages submissions from all disciplines including art, architecture, interior design, industrial design, experience design, communication design, graphic design, digital design, and urban planning, as well as decision-makers, thinkers, theoreticians and industries. They are looking for evidence of a productive cross- and inter- collaborative work between disciplines.

The goal is to design a poster manifesto to promote and divulgate the shrinkage culture. Poster(s) that, propagate “hate” messages, make defamatory statements, or which are otherwise extraordinarily offensive are not eligible. All entries must be postmarked by 19 November 2007. No entries will be accepted after 19 November 2007, unless there is clear the postmarked-date of the submission date.

Visit the site to learn more, and to view the winners from last year’s competition, or view the PDF guideline file.

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