Shadow and Light. Healing Comes When We Embrace the Spectrum of Our Wholeness. Saraswati Embodied Dharma Coaching

written by Anjula August 23, 2019
Saraswati Embodied Dharma Coaching

Saraswati Embodied Dharma Coaching

Levitating Monkey: How did you first come to be interested in Vedic Astrology and becoming a Certified Vedic Astrology Coach?

Saraswati Embodied Dharma Coaching: Jyotish has been a life long fascination for me. (Jyotish is the oldest system of astrology in the world. It’s derived from  the  Sanskrit  word  “jyoti”  which means light.  As the pure light of  scientific knowledge, the word Jyotish implies studying a person’s  character,  health,  habits  and  even the future on the basis of his or her birth chart). I grew up with Vedic Knowledge and had my first Vedic Astrology reading at age seven. From that moment on, I was hooked. My relationship with Jyotish has evolved over the years, but I’m grateful to have grown up with such a powerful tool of self inquiry and insight. Becoming a certified coach was a natural progression once I realized that I could help others understand the wisdom of their own Jyotish chart.

Levitating Monkey: I read that your Mom gained advanced Siddhis and studied the Vedic texts all while she was pregnant with you and that you moved to a Transcendental Meditation community where you attended a Vedic school- learning Sanskrit, Vedic science and math, studied the Vedic texts and literature, as well as other Vedic resources at a very young age. How did all these experiences influence and shape you into the gifted Vedic Astrological Coach you are today?

Saraswati Embodied Dharma Coaching: Yes, I grew up in the Transcendental Meditation community- both my mother and grandmother were deeply involved in the practice and eventually I got my siddhis as well. Growing up in the TM community for a large part of my life was highly influential and certainly impacted my understanding of consciousness, Vedic knowledge, and what it means to heal. To say this experience shaped me, would be an understatement. There are challenges and gifts having such an unusual childhood and I believe that it has truly influenced my understanding of how I approach the healing process. Shadow work, grief, the emotional body, inner balance, wholeness and integration, embracing our humanness, is my passion. I have seen first hand what happens when we negate our own darkness and only attend to the light. Healing comes when we embrace the spectrum of our wholeness- shadow and light. I use this approach even with Vedic Astrology. Nothing is all good or all bad, nothing in this Universe is black or white. Jyotish is no different. We must not get stuck in binary thinking patterns, but move beyond them. 

Levitating Monkey: Did you always know that you wanted to share your knowledge of Vedic Astrology with the world professionally or did you have dreams of becoming something else as you grew up?

Saraswati Embodied Dharma Coaching: Well, I like to think that this journey is not over and my path will continue to evolve. There is much more to come! I did not set out to be a Jyotishi and still don’t consider myself a Jyotishi. I call myself the Embodied Dharma Coach, as Jyotish is only one of the tools I work with. Ten years ago, I was doing Jyotish consults for people who wanted prediction, self understanding, and someone to tell them what to do basically. I started to realize how disconnected people are from their own inner wisdom and self trust. It’s truly an epidemic- especially in spiritual communities and among highly sensitive, gifted people. I have created a very interesting integration of tools, resources and wisdom based on my own passions and my full spectrum approach to healing and transformation. This includes embodiment, somatics, EFT, expressive art therapy and so much more. My passion has evolved to helping sensitive women clarify their dharmic gifts and create successful dharmic offerings for the world. I believe that when we embrace our dharmic path, the soul awakens. This is truly the purpose of life. Jyotish is one of many eloquent tools for supporting dharma, but because it has so many layers specifically designed for supporting dharma, it makes it truly powerful for keeping us on path.

Levitating Monkey: How did Jyotish Astrology grow to become the predominant resource and passion it is for you?

Saraswati Embodied Dharma Coaching: I started out as a yoga asana teacher and taught for nearly a decade, but got physically burned out from teaching. Shifting to sharing Jyotish wisdom was a natural progression for me since it was a daily resource for me already. As I tracked the Moon and planets more consistently, I noticed a direct impact on my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. This awareness has become an important part of how I teach Jyotish to my clients. The planets have a direct impact on our whole body and it can be helpful to understand that influence.

Levitating Monkey: How did you move from teaching yoga to Body-Centered Expressive Art Therapy to Vedic Astrology as a profession?

Saraswati Embodied Dharma Coaching: Dancing, movement, yoga and art have been life long passions. My relationship with dance and movement have influenced so much of my life. I started to feel more and more of a connection between the body and the cosmos. The integration and bridge between the body and Jyotish was a natural progression for me. My training in body-centered Expressive Art Therapy has supported a deeper inquiry and dialogue with the body and its wisdom.

Levitating Monkey: Can you talk to us a bit more about how you believe the body is the greatest tool for awareness and healing? And how all layers of the body can inform us about the shadows and disconnection that often go unseen, as well as the trauma impacting us. Specifically, how you have come to see how Jyotish astrology can show us very precisely where the disconnections live in the body, and thus the medicine for reconnection and wholeness?

Saraswati Embodied Dharma Coaching: Jyotish is a powerful tool for understanding how karma is impacting the whole body- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I love that a Jyotish chart can tell us exactly where trauma lives in the body, how grief is impacting the body, what influences are impacting various body parts and so much more. The renowned Vaidya Rama Kant Mishra has been a huge influence on my life and Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda has impacted the way that I read a Jyotish chart on so many levels. I remember Vaidya Mishra saying to me one time that the highest form of Jyotish is using it as a healing resource, not for prediction. That was a turning point for me, as this gave me permission to fully embrace the way that I was working with Jyotish and the way that I was using it with clients. 

Levitating Monkey: For those interested in learning and studying Jyotish Astrology, can you provide a few good recommended resources? (i.e., books, courses, names of mentors, teachers and gurus to follow)

Saraswati Embodied Dharma Coaching: I prefer the Jaimini approach to Jyotish as it tends to incorporate a more full spectrum understanding of Jyotish, rather than binaries and black and white interpretations. Most of my teachers prefer to stay private, however, there are many great Jaimini resources out there and available now.

Levitating Monkey: What is the significance of Saturn in Vedic Astrology?

Saraswati Embodied Dharma Coaching: Saturn is the planet of grief. It’s important to understand the role that grief and Saturn have on our lives and bodies. The reality of Saturn is that grief is a part of life, it’s normal. The nature of Saturn is that of hard work, effort, consistency and enlightenment. This is the journey of grief as well. Anyone who is doing their grief work understands the wisdom of Saturn very intimately. Studying Saturn in your Jyotish chart can be very helpful for understanding how grief is impacting you and your body, as well as your dharmic path. Most people resist this honesty with their grief, however, Saturn reminds us to move closer to the discomfort so that we can receive the gifts of our efforts. When we are able to move undigested emotions, we create more space for something new. How we use this space is the key to receiving more nourishment and joy in this life. Therefore, Saturn plays a role in how we receive joy in this lifetime.

Levitating Monkey: Do you have any upcoming workshops, programs or events that our readers should know about?

Saraswati Embodied Dharma Coaching: I am excited to share a powerful online Dharma Summit for women this year! It will take place during Maha Navaratri over the span of this sacred ten days. I will be sharing more details about that soon. Be sure to join my newsletter for the details. I work with a powerful group of women in my Dharma Leadership Training who are committed to expressing their dharmic gifts in this world. I invite women seeking dharmic clarity to book a free 15 minute dharma chat with me

For those interested in booking a private consultation with you, what information should they be ready to provide and what can they expect to learn during the consult?

Saraswati Embodied Dharma Coaching: A reminder that you must have an EXACT birth time in order for an accurate chart to be pulled. My 90 minute Dharma Coaching sessions include an in-depth understanding of your Jyotish chart from a dharmic perspective- so that you can understand what your soul is here to express. I will also help you clarify your authentic dharmic offering in this world and a business structure that will help you share your gifts more fully.

Levitating Monkey: Having studied Vedic Astrology so deeply as you have, do you believe in free will or is everything predestined? 

Saraswati Embodied Dharma Coaching: When looking at a Jyotish chart it’s very easy to see the karmas that one comes into this life with- the soul’s karma, the lineage karma, even the birth process and early child-hood karma. These karmas are set for the most part. But it’s also important to understand how much free will we have- even with the karmas that cannot change. If we aren’t here to evolve, then what is the point of this life? It’s vital to understand just how much power we have to change our circumstances- our thoughts, behaviors and choices. We are not stuck in our life circumstances, however, consciousness and awareness are key. This is the true purpose of Jyotish- to help us awaken, transform, heal and grow.

About Saraswati Embodied Dharma Coaching: 

Since 2009, Swati Miller of Saraswati Embodied Dharma Coaching has worked with people across the globe to transform their lives and overcome all that has held them back from becoming what they strive to be.

Incorporating her Vedic background, educational and personal experiences, Swati brings a unique multi-faceted approach to her work that brings forth life enhancing results. Jyotish (Vedic astrology), embodiment, body-centered art therapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Vedic wisdom are some of the incredible modalities that Swati utilizes within her sessions and workshops

People find Swati easy to relate to as she herself went through a fair share of battles. She hit a wall, suffered losses and struggled with identity for years. While others would admit defeat, Swati pushed forward, continued her studies and earned certifications in Expressive Art Therapy, Yoga and Vedic Astrology 

Conducting the majority of her sessions by Zoom and phone, Swati makes herself available to clients around the globe and is always within reach of her clients. Learn more at


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