Planning a Green Wedding

written by Anjula June 6, 2007


Are you planning your big day, looking for ways to make it memorable while also being good for the planet? Sit back, relax, take a deep breath…we’ve got just the thing that’s going to get the ball rolling. It’s no secret that the $70 billion wedding industry is seeing more and more signs of eco-friendly sensibilities taking root. Books about green weddings are showing up all the time.

From Michelle Kozin’s “Organic Weddings”, Carol Reed-Jones’ “Green Weddings That Don’t Cost the Earth” to Emily Anderson’s “Eco-Chic Weddings” – and of course, let’s not forget the current issue of the bridal magazine The Knot that features a special section on green weddings. Are you looking for a place to register, register for wedding gifts with a socially and environmentally responsible company like Gaiam (800/869-3603). Gaiam offers an array of green products for the home, from hemp rugs to recycled glass dishware. Have everything you’ll need already? Consider asking your guests to donate to a charity/nonprofit in lieu of gifts. A big warm “Thank You” to all our readers out there who contributed by sending in some groovy wedding planning tips of their own…a few we particularly enjoyed discovering:

  • Request organic; fair trade. Go local with your food; drink to cut on food miles.
  • Source recycled materials for your invitations, or just use e-mail.
  • Use biodegradable confetti, or collect petals from flowers a florist was throwing out.
  • Offset the carbon emissions produced by your wedding (and honeymoon flights) through


Happy Wedding Day!

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