Panguni Uthiram Has Arrived

written by Anjula April 2, 2015

There is a special Moon that comes but once a year that is known for its ability to dissolve bad relationship karma and it’s finally here. Today, Friday, April 3, 2015 marks the Divine Marriage Day (Panguni Uthiram), according to Tamil Hindus. Numerous temples in Tamil Nadu observe festivals during this period.

On this auspicious day, the Moon is aligned with the Uttara Phalguni star in Virgo. The Sun is the Lord of Uttara Phalguni and the planet Venus rules the Day. Uttara Phalguni symbolizes oneness. The relationship planets, Venus and Mars, are together in the sign Aries. This association is more important this year because it is free of afflictions from any natural malefic planet.

This is a very special day, as it’s an opportunity to mend broken relationships and prevent confusion and conflicts based on ego. The energy of this day supports love and attraction, the stuff that makes romantic relationships last. Worshipping the divine couples who were married on this day is said to reduce or eliminate conflict in relationships.

The celestial couples to pay homage to during Panguni Uthiram are:

1 Sri Rama and Sita

2 Lord Shiva and Parvati

3 Lord Muruga and Devasena – Muruga literally means – The Beautiful One. Where there is beauty, love shines, and where there is love, truth radiates. When we seek the truth, we gain freedom. Lord Muruga is a symbol of eternal youth, wisdom and liberation. Muruga is the essence of the Trinity. ‘Mu’ stands for Mukunda (Vishnu), ‘Ru’ for Rudra (Shiva), and ‘Ka’ for Kamala (Brahma), therefore Muruga represents the three divine functions – creation, protection and destruction.

4 Sri Ranganathar (Vishnu) and Andal

Make the most of this special moon!


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Panguni Uthiram Has Arrived
Article Name
Panguni Uthiram Has Arrived
Friday April 3, 2015 is Panguni Uthiram or the Divine Marriage Day according to Tamil Hindus. Read this article to make the most out of this auspicious day.
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