Om Bhavam Namah. I am absolute existence.

written by Anjula November 2, 2015

So, my best friend has continued to tell me that I need to do one of Deepak Chopra’s 21 Day Challenges. Having resisted for several years, I thought today was the day to break that cycle.

As I kicked today off with Deepak guiding me through my first meditation, I was actually struck with how much I enjoyed the music, settled easily into a relaxed state.

He talked about how our beliefs filter the way we experience things each and every day. How all of our lives and what we believe — colors how we view ourselves, others, our career, our status, politics, world events. Belief is so powerful that we can either see it all clearly or see nothing at all. What makes the difference is not the beliefs you choose, but how self-aware you are. I’ll believe it when I can see it can be turned on its head to I’ll see when I believe it. If you b-e-l-i-e-v-e in your own self-worth you’ll see it helping you in many situations.

Once you realize that your life is guided by belief, you discover a new perspective, the more dynamic your beliefs, the more dynamic your life. Today’s mantra, Om Bhavam Namah which translates to “I am absolute existence. I am a field of all possibilities.”

Om Bhavam Namah.  I am absolute existence.  I am a field of all possibilities.  Om Bhavam Namah.  When you’re distracted by thoughts, noises, or sensations in your body — simply return to the mantra.

Om Bhavam Namah.  Continuing the meditation for about 10 minutes, I let the mantra go and became aware of my body.  Then, taking a moment to rest, breathing with ease, as I was ready, I opened my eyes. I have to say, I’m definitely going to come back for Day 2 of the Challenge.

Each one of us is extraordinary with wondrous dreams and desires designed to help us fulfill our unique purpose in this lifetime – which can evolve and change over time.  Each of us has the divine potential to realize a magnificent destiny – all our own, by following and living our joy.

As you dream a bigger dream for yourself, be sure to remember to continue to find stillness within. Throughout the day, envision yourself as the powerful being you are and think about our centering thought, My destiny is joy.  Om Bhavam Namah. 



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Om Bhavam Namah.  I am absolute existence.
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Om Bhavam Namah. I am absolute existence.
Om Bhavam Namah translates to "I am absolute existence. I am a field of all possibilities." Our beliefs filter the way we experience things. Click for more.
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