Music Therapy: The Yoga of Sound

written by Anjula April 17, 2007

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Lisa Coffey (the lovely Dosha Diva) featured a great piece in her daily enewsletter today about the yoga of sound.

Touching upon the fact that Ayurveda understands that sound has a profound effect on our well-being. Lisa sited how sound can be used to reduce stress, maintain health, and also to invoke spiritual awakenings.

The official term for the use of sound and music as a spiritual path is Nada Yoga, which translates from Sanskrit to mean, Sound Yoga

Russill Paul is a world-renowned musician who was born and raised in India. He blends Indian and contemporary music in his recordings and performances. Author of a new book, The Yoga of Sound: Tapping the Hidden Power of Music and Chant, Russill focuses on the four streams of the Nada Yoga system: mantra (sound), mudra (sacred gestures), pranayama (yogic breathing), and dhyana (meditation).

When talking about music”, Paul explains, “…each note has intrinsic properties that generate healing, wholeness, and love.”

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