Making the most of Soma Pradosham

written by Anjula March 1, 2015

Tomorrow, Monday, March 2, 2015 marks the Soma Pradosham.

Soma Pradosham occurs when a 13th Moon falls on a Monday. According to Vedic Astrology, the day is considered powerful because of the presence of strong energies that makes it easy to dissolve and remove karmic sufferings of the mind. It also dissolves the negative energies that cause disease, bring enemies and other destructive influences that impede growth and prosperity in our life.


Soma Pradosham: Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva

Once these negative karmic energies are cleared, it is said that powerful Goddess energy can flow uninterrupted into all aspects of our life, bringing great progress. During Pradosham, it is believed that Lord Shiva absorbs the bad karma of individuals. This week’s Pradosham is extra powerful, as Monday is also the most auspicious day to worship Shiva, making tomorrow, March 2nd extra special.

Worshipping Lord Shiva on this day when the Moon is also powerful by being in its own sign is said to reduce negative karma that might have been bringing loss and failure in any venture and relationship.

Worshipping Nandi (Lord Shiva’s vehicle) on this day is significant because the Divine Bull is connected to Siddhas who have access to the secrets of Lord Shiva. When you honor the bull during Pradosham time it blesses you with wisdom to gain access to Shiva. When Nandi blesses you, it removes your negative karma, so that you realize Shiva in your consciousness.

Looking to make the most of this Pradosham? Recite the karma busting mantra ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’. A simple yet powerful ancient ritual of anointing Shiva Linga while reciting Thiru Neela Kantam on the day of Pradosham is said to bless a devotee with lasting peace and happiness.


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Making the most of Soma Pradosham
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Making the most of Soma Pradosham
This week's Soma Pradosham, powerful due its ability to dissolve karmic sufferings, is extra powerful as its also the most auspicious day to worship Shiva.
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