It’s Springtime. A great time to add ginger to your diet.

written by Anjula April 14, 2015


It’s finally beginning to feel like Spring out there. In Ayurveda, Spring is a time of new beginnings, growth and expansion. It’s a time of year when the kapha dosha, (the energies of water and earth) are increasing.

When kapha increases in the body over and above the appropriate amounts, it can lead to disease. That is why Spring is such an important time to focus on detoxing and cleansing. Many of the foods used for cleansing are those in season this time of year. We are specifically looking for those with bitter, pungent and astringent tastes.

One of my favorite Spring recipes is a simple ginger appetizer my Mom used to serve us with dinner when we were growing up.

Ginger Appetizer Pickle

Feel free to enjoy this appetizer before your meal, eat it as a pickle or add it to your plate as a condiment. The benefits of this divine ginger treat is that it stimulates the digestive fire, increases the appetite, decreases gas and bloating, while also improving mental alertness.

I find it especially beneficial when I’ve been around people coming down with colds or the flu. It’s also great to help alleviate cold, flu and stomach virus symptoms you, yourself may be experiencing.


  • 8 ounces of sliced fresh ginger root
  • the fresh juice of 4 lemons or limes
  • 1/2 teaspoon of Himalayan salt
  • a pinch of black pepper


Clean the ginger, grate it and then soak it in the lemon or lime juice with the Himalayan salt and pepper for about 30 minutes.

Transfer the mixture to a sealed jar.

Note: When taking a ginger pickle piece out, be sure to use a dry fork or spoon. This lovely snack will keep for about a week, so be sure to make these ginger apps in small quantities.


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It's Springtime. A great time to add ginger to your diet.
Article Name
It's Springtime. A great time to add ginger to your diet.
This ginger pickle appetizer recipe my mom used to make stimulates the digestive fire, increases appetite, decreases bloating and improves mental alertness.
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