Indigo Patagonia Hotel and Spa

written by Anjula June 13, 2007



Patagonia holds a special place in the hearts of adventurers, mountaineers, kayakers, trekkers and nature-lovers alike. With the arrival of the new Indigo Patagonia hotel and spa in Puerto Natales, Chile there is no excuse for not booking that flight and reserving that hotel room!

“What’s all the fuss about?” you ask. In the new main hotel building of Indigo, Chile’s favorite modern architect has done it again. Sebastian Irarrazaval has succeeded in striking a true balance between understated luxury and a straight-forward humility toward its surrounding environment.

The six-storey, 28-room building sits in the middle of Patagonia’s magnificent splendor. It’s an honest building that fits in its place as if it had always been present while also standing out as something you will definitely want to discover and explore.

If / When you go, be sure and check out their Spa: complete with three outside jacuzzis overlooking the Balmaceda glacier.

Happy Trails!

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