Help preserve the environment: Buy electricity generated from environmentally friendly sources without any difference in the level of service

written by Anjula August 9, 2007


Now you can easily do your part to help cut America’s dependence on fossil fuels, including foreign oil by choosing the type of power you purchase. In NY this can be achieved by selecting GREEN Power and WIND Power from ConEdison Solutions.

  • GREEN Power is composed of 65% run-of-the-river hydro and 35% wind power(generated from regional wind and low-impact hydropower sources).
  • WIND Power is composed of electricity exclusively generated from 100% wind power.

The green power product costs an additional one cent per kilowatt-hour, and the wind power product costs an additional 2 and 1/2 cents per kilowatt-hour. For an average residential customer using 350 kwh of electricity per month, the additional charge over the standard electricity offer would be $3.50 per month for green power and $8.75 per month for wind power.

The cost for renewable energy has fallen dramatically in recent years and is only a fraction higher than electricity generated from traditional power sources, by choosing to purchase renewable energy, you are doing something positive for our air, health, environment, and the overall condition of our planet. Buying renewable energy reduces the environmental impact of the energy you use and provides jobs and other economic benefits by supporting home-grown New York State energy sources instead of relying on foreign produced oil and energy.

Established in 1997, ConEdison Solutions is a subsidiary of Consolidated Edison, Inc., one of America’s largest and longest-operating investor-owned energy holding companies. ConEdison Solutions presently serves electric commodity customers in the District of Columbia, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Texas.

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