Healing Papaya: Fruit of the Angels

written by Anjula August 11, 2015

Papaya is a wonderful fruit that is recommended in Ayurveda for its various benefits.

Called ‘Erandkarkati’ in Sanskrit, papaya has many healing qualities and is a natural source of a numerous vitamins, (especially Vitamin A), minerals and digestive enzymes. As this fruit is exposed to the sun, it gets sweeter and richer in vitamins.

Christopher Columbus called papaya, “Fruit of the Angels”. This fruit certainly deserves this name, as it is not only delicious, but also promotes health, vitality and fights disease.

The fruit of papaya contains digestive enzymes that aid in easy absorption and assimilation of food. Known to improve one’s digestion, it also helps those suffering from enzyme deficiency, colic, diarrhea, flatulence, heartburn, loss of appetite, dyspepsia, constipation, bilious conditions, excessive mucous, worms and parasitic infestation.

Ayurvedic doctors often prescribe papaya to those suffering from liver, heart and intestinal problems. Papaya is also known to have a good effect on the stomach and the pancreas.

Papaya is often recommended for those experiencing urinary disorders in which there is a decrease in the normal flow of urine. 

For women who experience excessive pain during menstruation or an irregular or decreased flow during the cycle, papaya is often prescribed. According to Ayurvedic texts, a powder prepared by pounding the seeds of the fruit should be taken along with warm water in a dose of half to one gram.

For mouth and tongue ulcers, try applying the milk of papaya on the sores for relief.

Papaya Tree

Papaya Tree

The seeds and leaves of papaya are believed to be helpful in decreasing pain and swelling associated with joint pain. Specifically, the leaves of the papaya are warmed and applied as a hot poultice onto the affected joints or the seeds can be crushed and mixed into mustard oil for local massage.

Note: Pregnant women should keep away from both unripe and ripe papaya fruit in the early stages of their pregnancy, as these fruits have a tendency to abort the formation of the fetus. 


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Healing Papaya: Fruit of the Angels
Article Name
Healing Papaya: Fruit of the Angels
Papaya is an exotic and delicious fruit with many Ayurvedic healing qualities. Papaya is also a source of a many vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes.
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