Go Green with Zooey’s new line of tees.

written by Anjula July 20, 2007

Zooey tee

Zooey eco tee

Being green is simple with Zooey’s new line of tees. Collaborating with Love & Eight, Zooey, known for their wispy-thin, totally flattering shirts in vibrant colors, is going the way of other Levitating Monkey favorites (can you say Bono!?!): donating $2 for every tee sold to Healthy Child Healthy World (an organization that works to ensure that kids grow up in safe, clean environments).

The collection comes in three lovely shades: yellow, green or white. The simple graphics of the eye-pleasing line include: a leaf, the peace sign, the earth, a butterfly and encouraging messages like: “Think Green, Be Cool,” “The Earth Has a Fever, Be the Cure,” and “A World of Cool”. 100% organic (both materials and production), the hip tees are shipped in totally sustainable boxes.

Available online at shopbop.com.

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