For those of us who don’t want to stand in line at Starbucks

written by Anjula May 22, 2007


According to a recent article in Newsweek, the new “it” drink is yerba mate (rhymes with latte). This South American earthy tea has more antioxidants than green tea!

Not news to many of us…I was turned on to it a few years back by a friend of mine…who after hearing about my love of caffeine, but distaste for what it did to my stomach, (not to mention my ulcer), made me my first delicious cup! With Mate, you get a great buzz, sans the coffee jitters. Containing a unique stimulant called trifecta: caffeine, theophylline (found in tea) and theobromine (found in chocolate), Yerba Mate’s got you covered.

Known for its rejuvenating powers, mate isn’t just a beverage…it’s now making a grand appearance in skin-care products from Kiehl’s.

Get your buzz on!

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