Environmental Scorecard and the Dirty Dozen List

written by Anjula February 27, 2008


Founded by leaders of the environmental movement following the first Earth Day, the League of Conservation Voters, (LCV), the political voice of the national environmental and conservation community and the only organization working full-time to educate citizens about the environmental voting records of Congress, is inviting its members to nominate Representatives and Senators to be considered for the Dirty Dozen list.
The Dirty Dozen list is a program that targets members of Congress, (regardless of party affiliation), who consistently vote against the environment. To help in making your choice, take a look at LCV National Environmental Scorecard, published since 1970. It ranks every member of Congress on his or her environmental record.
In addition to working for a new energy future, LCV spent much of 2007 building support for a science-based global warming bill to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 15-20 percent by 2020 and 80 percent by 2050.

The Clock is Ticking

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