Eco Soap Makes You Squeeky Clean

written by Anjula September 8, 2007

I have soap on the mind. I love all health and beauty products but soap has always been my #1 most-purchased beauty product. I have favorite soaps but lately I’ve been rethinking my big box store soap purchases. I’m not entirely sure what goes in to making mass produced soap but I am realizing that organic soap seems to be made with love, passion and bicycles…what?!

justsoap’s soap line

In my eternal quest for the perfect soap, I turned to the internet because I wanted to see if my old standards would come up or if I’d discover new soap companies by typing in “ECO SOAP”. Wouldn’t you know that the first link that comes up is for and their company makes soap with a bicycle! A guy literally sits on a bike and churns the ingredients to make “Lemongrass Ginger”, “Lavender Rosemary” and “Sage Fir” soap! Haute couture soaps made by a Huffy. Well, actually – the bike looks pretty complex but you have to really appreciate someone who creates delectable soaps while conducting his own spin class. The soap is $2.95 per bar, a bargain at any price…

Sunfeather Natural Soap Company

Another site I stumbled across is I like this site for many reasons but mostly because you can buy your own soap making supplies and equipment so that you can create your own eco-fabulous soap! However, if you’re not feeling that adventurous this company also sells a great array of eco soaps that cater to specific skin types (not all soaps are good for all people, people). In addition to the eco soap line the site also has an offering of men’s products and children’s soap (which looks REALLY fun). When you buy soap from a place like this, instead of your giant chain store, you get a great product and likely further a small business with a good cause.

Some people like to smell their soap before they purchase it, which I understand – lemongrass to me may not be lemongrass to you…the test is in the bouquet from the bar to your nose. So, if you need fragrance confirmation there are a few soaps that I can recommend with great gusto – and you can find these at most stores including Whole Foods and Target…


Kiss My Face’s Olive Oil Soap

KISS MY FACE – this line of all natural/organic products includes face wash, moisterizer, lip care, hair care and of course – SOAP. My absolute favorite is the olive soap, its like buttah darling. The company also offers a few trial size packs – so you get lots of little products for a fair price – you can check out the products without comitting to the whole shebang, I love trial size anything – especially smelly things. They also have a website –


Burt’s Bees Garden Carrot Complexion Soap

BURT’S BEES – OK, its hard to remember but this brand started out like any other earth-friendly business – small and with heart. Today you’ll find their products at the local drug store but that doesn’t mean they’re any less organic or natural…it just means their more accessible! Burt’s product ingredients include natural bees wax, herbs, flowers, essential oils and clay – you can’t go wrong with their stuff and again – this is another company catering to cowards like me who don’t want to commit but want to try everything for a modest price…they have lots of samplers/travel packs and speciality gifts that concentrate on the hands, feet or face – love this stuff.

No matter where you buy natural/organic soap – its likely you’re in for a fragrant treat and a good story. Your skin will smile and Mother Earth will thank you for this small but important step towards creating a green-tastic universe. Every bar of soap counts, especially when it smells like peppermint..

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