Color Therapy to Treat Dosha Imbalances

written by Anjula September 17, 2015

Every year at this time, I start to notice how my color palette begins to change alongside the seasonal shift. In Ayurveda, color therapy is often used to treat dosha imbalances, including those caused by stress. Depending on one’s dosha, colors can help harmonize emotions, promoting peace of mind.

Each color is associated with different attributes. As with everything in Ayurveda, a proper balance must be maintained—for example, while bright colors generally increase energy and stimulate emotion, too much of them can lead to burn-out and fatigue.

Color Therapy in Ayurveda

Color Therapy in Ayurveda

Some key colors to concentrate on and their benefits:

Red: Concentrating on the color red is said to stimulate frequencies useful for short, hard jobs where the focus is on raising money. Red is also a color to focus on when you are looking to relieve digestive disorders, as well as constipation.

Blue: Encourages independent thinking and spirituality, can reduce fever, induces tranquility, cools emotions and aids in regulating sleep.

Green: Has a calming effect on the mind and nerves, is said to balance metabolism, can reduce fever and headache, can aid in stabilizing weight.

Orange: Increases energy and intelligence, can aid with thyroid problems and menstrual cramps.

Purple: Promotes confidence, reduces angina, eases joint stiffness.

Yellow: Great color for motivation, promotes clarity, improves communication, increases energy.

Beyond concentrating on a specific color, you can also wear clothing of the same color to produce desired effects.


  • One key thing to remember is to stay away from fluorescent lighting. Never a good thing!
  • As we gear up for winter, be sure and favor full-spectrum lights to counteract feelings of depression as the days become shorter.


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Color Therapy to Treat Dosha Imbalances
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Color Therapy to Treat Dosha Imbalances
Color therapy is often used In Ayurveda to treat dosha imbalances, including those caused by stress. Learn key colors and and their ayurvedic benefits.
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