Close Your Eyes, Breathe in…& Exhale: Top 10 Tips to Meditation

written by Anjula April 29, 2008
In the nonstop, hectic world we live in, meditation can often simplify our lives and help us be more in the flow. But it’s not always that easy to get started. When you begin to meditate, don’t give up, with time and practice, you will experience a real sense of peace and joy.

There are many ways people meditate, but we’ve gone ahead and listed our Top 10 Tips here:

  1. Breathing: Slow down and become conscious of your breathing. Focus on carefully regulating your breathing, as this greatly benefits your meditation. I’ve heard many yoga masters say that when we meditate, our breath should be so gentle that if someone placed a feather by our mouth it would barely move.
  2. Stop Your Mind and all its Thoughts: Easier said than done, I know. But this is truly the essence of meditation. If we can learn to stop our mind from pursuing endless thoughts, as Sri Chinmoy says, then we will be able to enter into real meditation.
  3. Mantra: Using a mantra can be of great help in quieteing the noise of the mind. A mantra is simply a sacred word or phrase repeated many times. By repeating a mantra we calm the mind and also make it single focused. After chanting a mantra, meditation will be easie
  4. Meditation Shrine: Create a sacred space for meditation. It can be a small corner of a room we use only for meditation. Over time we will find this space builds up a meditative consciousness helpful to our meditation.
  5. Regularity: Like many other activities, the more we practice meditation, the better we will become. If we meditate sincerely everyday, then we will find that our capacity to meditate increases. The key is consistency!
  6. Spiritual Heart: As we calm the mind, we should try to feel our whole sense of awareness is leaving the mind and entering the heart. If we are able to meditate in the heart this way, we will identify with the expansive and divine qualities the spiritual heart embodies.
  7. Concentration: In order to meditate, we need to master the art of concentration — focusing on only one thing at a time.
  8. Inspiration: Meditation should be viewed as a lifelong process of self–discovery. It is important to try and maintain our enthusiasm and inspiration for meditation.
  9. Keep the Faith: Stay with it, making progress is not always immediately obvious.
  10. Intensity. Meditation doesn’t just mean sitting down quietly for a few minutes. If we have real eagerness to experience the inner rewards of meditation, we will be rewarded with Peace of Mind.




…Open your eyes after, you feel more relaxed and centered.

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