Suffering from Skin Irritation? Detox with Cilantro Juice.

written by Anjula November 17, 2016

cilantro juice

Suffering from skin irritation? Try Cilantro Juice. 

Considered one of the top herbs for Pitta disorders, liver issues and skin irritations, cilantro is also a fabulous detoxifying agent for heavy metals and other general toxins.

Here’s what you’ll need: Take 1 bunch of cilantro; wash thoroughly and chop.  Add this along with 2 cups of water to a blender, and blend on high for a couple of minutes.  From here, taking the pulp, strain out the liquid using a cheese cloth and place in an airtight glass jar to maintain freshness. 

Dosage: Depending on the severity of the rash or irritation, take 2-3 Tbsp  three times daily.*

  • For milder skin issues, take 1 Tbsp, twice daily.  Store the remainder in the refrigerator. 

Note: Rather than wasting the pulp that was strained, feel free to apply it to the area of rash or irritation, washing it off after it dries.


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Suffering from Skin Irritation? Detox with Cilantro Juice.
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Suffering from Skin Irritation? Detox with Cilantro Juice.
Cilantro is a great detoxifying agent and a top herbs for Pitta disorders. Here's a quick recipe for cilantro juice that'll help sooth skin irritation.
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