Bhutan’s Amankora

written by Anjula June 10, 2007


Sitting atop craggy Himalayan peaks between India and China, the remote and stunningly vibrant Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan is slowly awakening. In an effort to offer foreign visitors a rare, close-up, Amanresorts has pioneered a novel circuit with a series of intimate lodges called Amankora (derived from “aman” or “peace” in Sanskrit and “kora” or “circular pilgrimage” in Dzongkha, the Bhutanese language). Four lodges make up Amankora in Bhutan’s central and western valleys.

The lodges utilize “clean” electricity, mostly drawn from a hydro electric grid. Recycling activities boast a 95% capture rate. Adhering to ancient cultural, religious and social traditions, Bhutan annually offers a limited number of travellers wonderful insights into life in the Himalayas as it has been lived for many centuries. Guests may either visit one of the lodges or, to truly experience all that Bhutan has to offer, Amanresorts can plan a custom-made itinerary, including one or more of the Amankora lodges located in Gangtey, Paro, Punakha or Thimphu.

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