Ayurvedic Summer Grocery List

written by Anjula June 29, 2015

With summer gearing up, it’s time to celebrate the season. Head outdoors with friends, go hiking, plan that picnic in the park, take an outdoor yoga class. It’s a time to relax and be a flâneur.


As you think about what to pack in that picnic basket, remember that it is during the summer that Pitta (Bile) is said to be aggravated. One should favor foods that will calm Pitta. Pitta-pacifying foods are sweet, moist and cool.

A good Ayurvedic summer grocery list to aim for:

Fruits: apricots, bananas (in moderation), berries (all), cantaloupe, grapefruit, grapes, honeydew melon, lychees, mangoes, peaches, pineapple, plums, watermelon.

Veggies: celery, lettuce, radishes (a personal fav, also good for the liver), spinach (great in smoothies), turnips, watercress, squash (all kinds).

To stay hydrated: Enjoy water flavored with fresh lemon and mint.

Mint is a great addition to many summer dishes, as it acts as a natural cooling agent to the body. From chutneys, to adding it to salads, to serving a cool mint tea in the afternoon, there are endless options.

On the spice side, think — anise, fennel, tamarind, cumin, and coriander.



To sweeten desserts, grab that coconut powder.


Mango Lassi

And let’s not forget about lassi, a refreshing chilled drink made of yogurt, sugar and water.

Click here for 12 delicious lassi recipes from senior lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed Life, Melissa Harrison.

Ayurvedic Summer Grocery List
Article Name
Ayurvedic Summer Grocery List
A great Ayurvedic Summer grocery list contains sweet, moist and cool foods like lychees, mangoes and peaches that will calm Pitta. Click here to learn more.
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