Amma Ji Is Coming: Darshan in NYC

written by Anjula July 10, 2008

Smiling Amma

‘Amma’ as she is known all over the world, has inspired and started various humanitarian services. Earning international acclaim and recognition for her outstanding contributions to the world community, she is revered as an extraordinary spiritual leader by the UN and by people throughout the world.
Amma Ji will be in NYC July 8th through July 10th, 2008.

In Sanskrit, darshan means, “vision”, and it’s used to describe the meeting with a holy person, especially a Self Realized master. Amma’s darshan in unique. Being the embodiment of supreme motherhood, she welcomes every soul who comes to her, listening to his or her problems and offering advice and guidance, bringing reassurance to a troubled heart.

Amma’s life is her message. Amma Ji doesn’t teach anything that she herself does not practice. Living from moment to moment in a constant state of supreme happiness, Amma Ji warmly embraces thousands of people daily, wiping their tears, giving them her divine guidance and offering solace to all who come to her.

Amma says, “The beauty and charm of selfless love and service should not die away from the face of the earth. The world should know that a life of dedication is possible, that a life inspired by love and service to humanity is possible.

Meditation and studying the scriptures are like two sides of a coin. The engraving on that coin is selfless service, and that is what gives it its real value. Compassion and acts of selflessness take us to deeper truths. Through selfless action we can eradicate the ego that conceals the Self. Detached, selfless action leads to liberation. Such action is not just work; it is karma yoga.”
Amma is always clear to point out that the purpose of one’s life is to realize who we really are. “By realizing our own Self we become full, with nothing more to gain in life. Life becomes perfect.”

To attain this goal, Amma Ji states that no particular path or spiritual practice can be recommended for all. “Just as a doctor gives different dosages or even different medications to patients with the same ailment according to their constitution, so does a Spiritual Master prescribe different methods to different people to reach the same goal. Spirituality is the practical science of life. Apart from taking us to the ultimate goal of Self-realization, it also teaches us the nature of the world, and how to understand life and live fully in the best way possible.”

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