Lucky 7 Ayurvedic Benefits and Uses for Tea Tree Oil

written by Anjula July 24, 2017


I recently had the pleasure of trying a few pure essential oils from a Santa Barbara based company called, Aroma Foundry and I have to say, I’m impressed with their high quality ingredients.

The four essential oils I decided to try were: Bergamot, Lemongrass, Ylang Ylang and Tea Tree Oil.

I plan on writing a post on each, but reached for the Tea Tree Oil first. So you may be wondering why did I go with that one first. Well, let’s just say I’ve been feeling a bit stressed the last few weeks and happen to enjoy the scent when I feel especially anxious.

Aroma Foundry Tea Tree Oil

Aroma Foundry Tea Tree Oil

The antiseptic, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of Tea Tree oil are well-known in Ayurveda. Considered a miraculous plant since ancient times, it continues to be used to treat a majority of infections and boost the immune system.

Beyond the above, it’s also prescribed to aid in treating skin and hair issues, infectious diseases and respiratory disorders, including asthma, tuberculosis, bronchitis, acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, and other skin problems.

Tea tree oil is believed to have equal effects on all three doshas, given, its cooling and moisturizing energies. Therefore, its extremely beneficial for the skin, as well as, both, the respiratory and nervous systems.

In Ayurveda, Tea Tree oil has been used as an antiseptic bactericide, given its fungicidal, antimicrobial, disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antiviral properties.

Here are my Lucky 7 Ayurvedic Uses for Tea Tree Oil:

To Treat Acne, Wounds & Scars: Mix Tea Tree oil (2 drops) with Jojoba oil (15 drops) and apply on acne or wounds for quicker healing and visible results. This blend is also great to use on scars left by accidents, pox, acne, surgery and stretch marks.

Treatment of nervous disorders: Tea tree oil has a warm, spicy, and yet refreshing fragrance that pacifies and inspires the mind. According to Ayurveda, it can soothe the mind and body when one is confronting anxiety, fear, fatigue, or shock.

Bathing and Steaming with Tea Tree oil: Add it to warm bath water, or two to three drops of the oil can be used during steam inhalation to open blocked nasal passages and treat congestion and headache.

Massage Oil: For a good relaxation, massage your body with tea tree oil (five drops), blended with coconut oil (40 to 45 drops). This can lift up your mood, relax muscles, strengthen your emotions and alleviate stress.

It can also be directly massaged on to chest, neck and back at bed time for significant relief.

To Treat Respiratory Disorders: Tea Tree oil works well in treating viral infections like a cold, a cough, and other respiratory disorders like bronchitis, sinusitis asthma, tuberculosis, and pharyngitis. Being a good expectorant, it loosens phlegm and mucous deposits that cause breathing difficulties.

Boosts immunity: Tea tree oil strengthens one’s immunity and makes your body resistant against the effects of all kind of infections. Topical application of 2 drops of tea tree oil, with 10 drops coconut oil can treat psoriasis, bed sores, wounds, boils, insect bites, abscess, cold sores, dermatitis, herpes, genito-urinary infections, cystitis, vaginal thrush, deep wounds and ear infections.

Tea tree oil is effective in treating multiple health problems, including: rheumatic pain, oral infections, bad breath, candida, flea bites, cankers, warts, ticks, sunburn, and mosquito bites. To ensure fresh breath, make a mouthwash adding one drop to a glass of water. Use as an ordinary mouthwash, be careful not to swallow as it can be toxic if ingested.

That said, a few notes of caution:

Be sure and consult your Ayurvedic practitioner before using Tea Tree oil for your health condition and individual body type.

Do not apply it directly on skin, as it is a pure essential oil and may cause an allergic reaction. Please use as directed.

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Lucky 7 Ayurvedic Benefits and Uses for Tea Tree Oil
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Lucky 7 Ayurvedic Benefits and Uses for Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree Oil is an essential oil with various Ayurvedic benefits and uses. Here's my lucky 7 that can help you with a variety of ailments.
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