12 Reasons to Start Sipping Nettle Tea

written by Anjula January 20, 2017


As the weather continues to cool down, and I look to add a bit of variety to my daily tea regimen, I’ve been reminded of the great benefits of sipping on stinging nettle tea.

Many years ago, I had a Buddhist teacher who used to sip on this tea frequently during our class. He often shared this treasured tea with his students, reminding us that the Tibetan saint, Milarepa was said to have lived on only nettles for decades of meditation.

Nettle Tea

Nettle Tea

Looking for ways to break that morning joe habit? Here are 12 top reasons to start drinking stinging nettle tea:

1. Helps with osteoarthritis
Aids with menstrual cramps and bloating
Reduces inflammation
Aids in treating allergies, particularly hayfever
Helps to breakdown kidney stones and maintain good kidney health
Reduces menopausal symptoms
Destroys intestinal worms and parasites
Aids in alleviating IBS, gastrointestinal disorders, ulcers, as well as constipation
Stimulates the lymph system, thus strengthening the immune system
Promotes a release of uric acid from the joints
Has been shown to reduce the incident of prostate cancer
Stinging nettle has shown promise in treating Alzheimer’s disease, as well as ADHD.

Note: Be sure to check with your doctor before you start consuming nettle, as it can interfere with certain prescription pharmaceuticals.


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12 Reasons to Start Sipping Nettle Tea
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12 Reasons to Start Sipping Nettle Tea
Nettle tea is a great alternative to your morning coffee. Click to lean 12 benefits of adding a glass of stinging nettle tea to your morning routine.
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