Meditation for Vata Dosha

Meditation According to Your Dosha: Part I

As you deepen your meditation practice, it’s important to meditate according to your dosha type. In this first post on meditating according to your dosha, we will talk specifically about meditation for Vata types. The major motivating factor for Vata types to meditate is centered around instilling a sense of calm in their restless minds, relieving […]

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  • Color Therapy

    Color Therapy to Treat Dosha Imbalances

    Every year at this time, I start to notice how my color palette begins to change alongside the seasonal shift. In Ayurveda, color therapy is often used to treat dosha imbalances, including those caused by stress. Depending on one’s dosha, colors can help harmonize emotions, promoting peace of mind. Each color is associated with different […]

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  • Vata Season

    Ayurvedic Diet for the Vata Season

    As the weather cools down and the kids gear up for school, start thinking about changing up that summer diet to one that is better suited for the autumn, “vata” season. Begin favoring foods with sweet, sour, and salty tastes, think: rice, wheat products such as bulgur, couscous, pasta, cream of wheat. Warm milk, paneer (homemade cheese), […]

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Health & Wellness

Yoga for Autumn

Vata-Pacifying Yoga for Autumn

Today feels like the first true crisp NYC fall day! The leaves are changing color, the air feels a little less heavy, the scent of hot apple cider is in the air at the local farmers market. As the weather cools down during Vata season, be sure and look to incorporate a sense of warmth […]

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  • Ayurvedic uses for Saffron

    The Healing Power of Saffron

    Saffron is used quite widely in India. From providing a beautiful coloring to basmati rice, saffron is also used in Indian sweet dishes, as well as in worship. During meditation, it is not uncommon to find it being mixed with sandalwood paste and applied to the forehead, as this paste is known to have a calming effect on the nervous system. When […]

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  • Ayurvedic Summer

    Ayurvedic Summer Grocery List

    With summer gearing up, it’s time to celebrate the season. Head outdoors with friends, go hiking, plan that picnic in the park, take an outdoor yoga class. It’s a time to relax and be a flâneur. As you think about what to pack in that picnic basket, remember that it is during the summer that Pitta […]

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